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 102  Atelier Atelier Plus  AZ  Ibuki  Type-2 / TH
 GS  Gold Platinum Piccolo Alto Flute  Head Joint 

Piccolo VIVACE 【Launched in July, 2012】



<Tubing Material> Excellent playability and tonal color, having been waited for more than a decade.
We have been purchasing Granadilla every year since 2001. Seasoned through natural drying process, and ultimate and splendid natural materials without artificial coloring. Its dense and pure tonal color and the brilliant playability makes one feel further potentials of piccolo.

<Tubing Process> Innovative technology in piccolo making
Adopting Metal inserting for screws with which key posts are installed on the ribs. High precision is realized with this technology.



<Mechanism> Unique, beautiful design

Ring with Diamond-cut   Joint Protection Cap
 メカニズム・デザイン  メカニズム・デザイン

※Equipped with E Mechanism as standard


<Standard Equipment of wave-shaped headjoint with lip plate>  
Wave-shaped headjoint with lip plate, which realized incredible easiness of play and controlability.The lip plate carved out one by one will ease changing from flutes. Miyazawa prepares 2 sorts of headjoints as option.

Wave-shaped headjoint (Standard)
Wave-shaped embouchure with lip plate. It realized incredible easiness of play and controlability.

 For excellent consistency in sound when changed from flutes, and for balance.

 For solo, and chamber music, with tight sound.


Slim Case & Case Cover


<Comment from Yanami Sakahashi, flutist in Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra>
The biggest theme for Piccolo players is how quietly they can play in high notes with the accurate pitch.At R&D stage of this Piccolo from Miyazawa, I asked the engineers for realizing my various ideas and requests that I have felt while playing piccolo for a long time so far.No problems when pianissimo in high notes, and, thanks to lip plate, it is easy to stabilize sounds when changed from flutes, and its sound is as attractive as high notes of flute. If you think, "it is exagerated…"please try it first.

Piccolo VIVACE Specification


Tubing = Granadilla

Ribs & Posts, Keys, Open Keys = Silver-plated Nickel Silver


Equipped with E mechanism as standard.