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 102  Atelier Atelier Plus  AZ  Ibuki  Type-2 / TH
 GS  Gold Platinum Piccolo Alto Flute  Head Joint 



The pleasure of holding turns into an elegant sound …

Clear and rich tonal color of gold and warm and deep tonal color of Silver are mixed into a really elegant and pure sound

Moreover, it makes you feel like a value equivalent to a conbination art of gold and Silver

Crown is made of 9K gold with minute handcrafted engraving

Lip plate, riser and resonatotor are made of 9K gold, which creates fine response and glamourous sound colors

Rings are made of 9K gold, with 12-hedron diamond cutting as juwelry.

Wood case is carved out from natural wood. It looks high-grade as juwelry box.

AZ Specifications.


Silver (Headjoint, Tubing, Key mechanism)

9K Gold (Crown, Lip Plate & Riser, Resonator, Rings)

Drawn Toneholes

Equipped with Special Brögger System (SBR)

Crown with engraving

Rings with 12-hedron diamond cutting

Wooden Case