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 102  Atelier Atelier Plus  AZ  Ibuki  Type-2 / TH
 GS  Gold Platinum Piccolo Alto Flute  Head Joint 



GS - an alloy which mixes 10% of Gold in Silver material.

Though it looks like Silver, streching and shiny tonal color that only gold has is mixed into the deep and soft sound of Silver.

Please check this unique feeling of resistance on your own.

One of further merits of this GS alloy is that aging such as discoloration, characteritic in Silver materials, is not easy to occur.

GS Specifications


GS(10% Gold) (Headjoint, Body/Footjoint Tubing)

Silver (Ribs & Posts, Key Mechanism)

Soldered Toneholes

Equipped with Special Brögger System (SBR)