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 102  Atelier Atelier Plus  AZ  Ibuki  Type-2 / TH
 GS  Gold Platinum Piccolo Alto Flute  Head Joint 

Alto Flute

Alto Flute

Miyazawa Alto flutes, famous with its ebony finger position, have always enjoyed so far the highest reputation.Based on the Miyazawa original scale, precise tuning from lowest to highest notes and profound sound through soldered toneholes are realized.We promise its supreme sound quality, including clear start up of sound and fluent operability.

Alto Flute-SH Specifications

Alto Flute-SHイラスト

Silver (headjoint)

Silver-plated nickel Silver (tubing and key mechanism)

Soldered toneholes

Alto Flute-ST Specifications

Alto Flute-STイラスト

Silver (headjoint and tubing)

Silver-plated nickel Silver (ribs & posts and key mechanism)

Soldered toneholes

Alto Flute-SS Specifications

Alto Flute-SSイラスト

All Silver

Soldered toneholes