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 102  Atelier Atelier Plus  AZ  Ibuki  Type-2 / TH
 GS  Gold Platinum Piccolo Alto Flute  Head Joint 




<New Breath ~Ibuki~(“Ibuki” means “breath”, in Japanese) in the 41st memorial year>
When Miyazawa marked the 41st anniversary in 2010, our new challenge was started, getting back to the starting spirit of flute making, to support for all the flute lovers. That is, to offer a handmade class model at a reasonable price as those for semi-handmade class. Heavy and powerful sound created through brand new material 980 Silver and headjoint/New Miyazawa Scale, and its unique style stick to every details, will remind you of the day when you have a flute on your hands for the first time in your life.

<Exclusive Headjoint for Ibuki>
This exclusive headjoint for ibuki is excellent in total balance, and was developed so that it shows best matching with the New Miyazawa Scale. It gives players a moderate resistance and the maximum power of expression.



<980 Silver Tubing>
There is a reason we chose this materials that are hard to process. The puirity is higher than 925 sterling Silver, and due to this high purity, however, the tube became softer, which led us to a great efforts in production. Despite, the soft and deep sound that we seeked for in Ibuki can only be realized by 980 Silver.

<the New Miyazawa Scale>
The New Miyazawa Scale was completed, with changing the scale so far greatly to achieve heavy and powerful sonority in whole range of notes, and with providing undercut inside of toneholes. Moreover, Straubinger pads are used for getting sharp responses, in consistency with the concept of Ibuki.

<Design of Keys>
Exclusively designed engravings are done on the crown and key cups. Levers are also specially designed, which gives Ibuki lightness in weight and beauty in shape. Back connector of Brogger mechanism also changed, from flat board to round bar type. It surely supports your high technique performance.



Wooden case & case cover, both exclusive for Ibuki



Ibuki Specifications


All Silver (Ag980)

Soldered Toneholes

Crown and Keys are engraved with exclusive design for Ibuki

Straubinger Pads

Equipped with Special Brögger System (SBR)

Wooden Case and Case Cover exclusive for Ibuki