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Before inquiry, please check FAQ page.

We are accepting the following method of inquiry.

1. Phone Calls

TEL. 03-5927-1822

Operating Hours:10:30~19:00

We are off on Thursdays and Sundays

2. E-mails * Recommendable

 E-mails received after 19:00 (Japan Time) will be treated after 10:30 (Japan Time) on the following day.

 Despite you send inquiry through e-mail, if you are not in receipt of response from us,it is possible that we could not receive your inquiry. Please re-send your inquiry again.


 In case you send e-mails from your mobile phone, if you set rejection to e-mails from PCs our response may not reach you.


 Inquiry for adjustment:repair@miyazawa-flute.co.jp


 For other inquiries:info@miyazawa-flute.co.jp