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Free Trial Lessons are Available !

Free trial lessons are available for entry !
Why don't you try for flute lessons in this chance ?
Please feel free to contact us for details.
Tel : 03-5927-1811   e-mail : info@miyazawa-flute.co.jp

The Atelier Tokyo opened the "Miyazawa Flute Course" in July 2013.
From those who wish to start playing for the first time to those who are studying
to be professional, anyone can take this course, regardless of age and experience.
With 60 min. of private lesson, even beginners feels relax.
The instructor team of which the flutemaker Miyazawa is proud will support for your step-up.


 Type of Lessons   Private
  Day of the week and Available Time   11:00-19:00
on Mon, Tue, Wed,
Fri, Sat
 Time/Lesson   60 min.
 Frequency   1-5 times/month
(depending on the calendar)
 Schedule The day of the week has to be fixed.
(Frequency and Starting time is to be discussed with your instructor)
 Admission Fee   JPY 5,000 (w/o Tax)
 Monthly Fee  1 time / month : JPY 6,000
2 times / month : JPY 12,000
3 times / month : JPY 17,100
4 times / month : JPY 21,600
5 times / month : JPY 27,000
(w/o Tax)
 Place of Lessons   Atelier Tokyo (Ikebukuro) B-Room 

About Lessons

Advance your playing skills with private lessons! Private lessons are designed for each individual without a fixed curriculum. The experiences vary from person to person, whether you are a beginner, want to learn to play your favorite songs, or if you are interested in serious study. Miyazawa is proud of the instructor team, who wil personalize each lesson for you.Frequency and starting time can be chosen according to your schedule. We await your contact for a complimentary trial lesson as a first step.

Free Trial Lessons

30 min./lesson -1 time only-
Anyone, however the experience is, can take this lesson.
We welcome even a complete beginner. For those who don't have flutes, we are providing rental
service (possible to bring back home) if you request.
●Deposit for rental flute : JPY 5,000 (w/o tax)



Makoto Hasemi
【 Profile 】
Born in Shibuya, Tokyo. Specialized flutes with Takumi Saito, Soichi Minegishi, and Akari Yoshioka, and specialized music theory with Kazuo Missé
During his study in the music college, he started pursuing activities as a soloist such as recitals and chamber music. In 2013, he received favorable reputation in the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra and in the performance as a soloist, of "Flute Concerto No.1" by W.A.Mozart. Currently, while mainly keeping performance activities such as recitals and recordings, he is also active in the field of workshops and development of reaching out business, for example, holding concerts for children subsidized from the Agency of Cultural Affairs.

【 Message for my students 】
I am glad if my curiosity, technique and wisdom for performace can be of someone's help for anything. I always keep in mind to give lessons with which we can reach goals together.

Aya Mozumi

【 Profile 】
After the Music Course of Kureha High School of Toyama pref., she graduated from the Department of Music performance, the Faculty of Music Studies, Kunitachi College of Music. Specialized in flutes with Taro Otomo and Eiko Kumagaya. Currently, while coaching younger generation as an instructor of flutes / Ocarina, she is also engaged in the performance activities of solo and ensembles.

【 Message for my students 】
From a person who holds a flute for the first time to experienced persons, I will couteously give the most suitable lessons for the person. I wish to share time with you for enjoying music and flutes.


Yumi Sato
【 Profile 】
Born in Fukagawa, Hokkaido. After graduating from Tokyo College of Music, she completed the post graduate course of the same college. She got a prize in the high school class, Flute, in the Tokyo contest of the Student Music Concours of Japan, and played in the concerts of soloists and chamber musics by selected members in the Tokyo College of Music. She also played in the premium concert by selected members in the Hamamatsu International Wind Instruments Academy. In 2010, she participated in the "Opera for Young People" by Ozawa-Juku in the Saito Kinen Festival. She also got the first prize in the ensemble and the BOD awards in the Romanian International Music Competition. Currently she is a member of "Asayake Sextet". She specialized in flutes with Hiromitsu Abe, Junzo Hosokawa, Kazuhiro Iwasa, Shigenori Kudo so far.
Now she is a member of the Senzoku New Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and an assistant performer of Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, as well as an instructor in the Asaka Flute Club. Now she is persuing wide variety of activities including extra performance of solo, chamber music and orchestra and coaching in flute ensambles.

【 Message for my students 】
I wish to share music with you, through a musical instrument, flute, conveying charm and beauty of its sound and joy of playing, helping you learn basic matters and things necessary for step-up.

Ryoko Nagamata
After Flute Section, Music Dept of Omiya Koryo High School, she graduated from the Flute Course, Performance Section, College Music Department of Toho Gakuen. She acquired music teachers' license for junior-high and high school. Specialized in flutes with Akeo Watanabe, Yoshio Saito, and Soichi Minegishi. (Performance career) "Aoki-MUSE-no-Mori" in the Omiya Sonic City, "Suteki-na-Matinee-no-Ongaku-Reiso" in the Toppan Hall, "Libera Classica"in the Studio Vertuosi. Member of the "Saitama Shin-Ensoka Association". Currently she continues performance activities while giving lessons for people in various age, from kids to seniors.

【 Message for my students 】
I always keep in mind to make lessons enjoyable. I will hold couteous and zealous lessons so that people with various experiences can join in relaxed state of mind.

Rina Takamatsu
【 Profile 】
Born in Chiba Pref. Graduated from the Department of Music Performance in the Kunitachi Music College, and completed at the same time the wind and strings instruments course. In 2013 she completed Music Study faculty of the post graduate cours of Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Specialized in flutes with Misaki Aoki, Hironobu Nayuki, Keigo Mori, Akari Yoshioka, and specialized in chamber music with Toru Watanabe and Naoshi Chiba. She got 5th prize in the All Japan contest of 19th Classic Music Concour (no 1st~4th prizes), and a prize in the 28th Kanagawa Mucic Concour.
Currently, while coaching students ranging from elementary schools to adults, she is rendering performance activities in Events and Wedding Ceremonies.

【 Message for my students 】
It is a shortcut to step-up to think, "How enjoyable playing flute is !" Let's have fun of playing flute and music with me !

Flow to Admission

1. Reservation of a Free Trial Lesson through e-mail

   * Setting your lesson schedule, asking your convenient day of the week and time frame.

   * If you don't have your own flutes, we are offering a rental of flute.

2. Free Trial Lesson

  * Please come to our office 10 min. before the appointed time, for some registration procedures.

   * There are no designated textbooks and please bring materials of your own choice. If you don't have any,

   * Please bring your identification such as driver's license or insurance certificate, if you reserve a rental flute.

3. Admission Procedure

   * Application will follow the free trial lesson, if you wish.

   * Fixing of plan such as the day of the week, time frame, and frequency

   * Admission fee, Monthly fee for the next month, and identification is necessary.

4. The First Lesson

 * Now lessons will start !

Please feel free to contact us.

e-mail : info@miyazawa-flute.co.jp

Master Class

The Master Class for experienced people only, for more than those who are studying in music colleges, is now under study.