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 Privacy Policy


As far as necessary for providing services such as production, sale and repair of flute,Miyazawa Flutes MFG., Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called, "Miyazawa") might ask customers for submitting personal information.

Miyazawa observes Japanese regulations regarding personal information, and makes efforts for protection of personal information and for improvements in retaining method.

【Acquisition and Utilization of Personal Information】

Miyazawa acquires personal information in an appropriete manner.

Miyazawa will not use the acquired personal information for any other purpose than explicitly addressed in advance of use.

【Security in Retaining Information】

Miyazawa will take necessary and appropriate measures for preventing disclosure, destruction and damege of personal information

【Transfer of Personal Information】

Miyazawa will not transfer the acquired personal information to any third party without prior permission from the person involved, unless otherwise expressed in relevant laws, orders, and regulations.

Where Miyazawa subcontracts the retaining of personal information to any third party, Miyazawa will conduct strict investigations on the subcontractor and controls it, so that the personal information is to be retained safely.

【Disclosure and Modifying personal Information】

Where there is a request from the person, Miyazawa will accept the request to disclose, modify, add, or delete his/her own personal information.

Where it is not confirmed as a request from the person him/herself, Miyazawa will not accept such requests.

【Improvements of Retaining Personal Information】

Miyazawa will continue to improve the method of appropriate retaining of personal information.