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Conditions of your instruments and your performance technique are always in a close relationship. If you feel that your performance becomes not very colourful these days, then please ask us for maintenance of your instruments.
You will never forget the comfortable feeling of play after maintenance.

Technical Room, Atelier Tokyo
  6F Hachi-Dai Bldg. 2-24-1 Minami-Ikebukuro,
  Toshima-Ku, Tokyo 171-0022, Japan
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【Desk for Repair Order】
  TEL: 03-5927-1811 E-mail:repair@miyazawa-flute.co.jp

* When you order repair, please tell us "Name of the Maker", "Model Name", and "Details of repairing request"for smooth arrangement.
  * E-mails accepted later than 19:00 would be checked after 10:30 of the next working day.

Flow of Repair Order

■If you visit us with your instruments,
Please talk to us before coming to our office, because repairs would be ongoing in the order of acceptance of requests.
In case of a regular adjustment, it will be finished in around an hour., just by making an appointment in advance.
When you make an appointment, please decide the date and time you visit us and ask us through e-mail (reservation on the day is also acceptable.). If you visit us without making an appointment, we might not be able to finish adjustment within the day, in the worst case. Also please note that, according to the conditions of your instruments we have to keep it for several days.

■If you live in a distance
Sending through courrier is also acceptable. Please make sure to inform us before you send out your instruments. (Please kindly accept to bear all the freight charges for round trip.) Upon the arrival of your instruments to our office, our technicians will inform you. When finished with repair, the instruments would be shipped back to you with cash on delivery.

Rental Instruments

"The club activities are too busy to leave my instruments in maintenance…"
"I want to practice even during having it overhauled…"
  In order to catch up with these kind of requirements, we offer rental service of spare instruments (charged). The number of spare instrument is limited and please contact us on the details such as models, charges, etc.

Menu of Repair

Regular adjustments, maintenance

Depending on the condition of pads, shimming would be done. Also key relations will be checked.
An adjustment every half a year is recommendable in order to keep your instruments in the best condition.
【Time to be required】 1 day ~ 1 week

 Instruments Sample Price(w/o Tax)
 C- and B- Flutes  JPY 3,000-5,000
 Special Flutes (Alto, Piccolo, etc.) JPY 3,500-5,500


Replacement of parts, amendments of distorted tubes and keys

We will accept from replacement of parts such as pads and cork to amendments of distorted portion such as joint fitting and straightening of tubes. Please contact us.
【Time to be required】 2 days ~ 2 weeks


Consumable parts of flutes such as pads, felts and corks need to be replaced every 5~6 years.
Even while your instruments are not in use, it would change over time. So the instruments laying for a long time in the closet are also not in safe.
Consumable parts which substantially deteriorate disturb your comfortable playing in all aspects, and regular overhauls are recommendable.
  【 【Contents】 replacing and adjusting of all pads / whole replacement of soft materials (as felt) / disassembly and cleaning of whole key mechanism
  【 【Time to be required】 4 weeks from the date of arrival of instruments
(by appointment only)
  【Special benefit】 Free adjustments for 1 year after we rendered overhauls

 Instruments Sample Price(w/o Tax)
 Atelier1 JPY 46,000-56,000
 Atelier2 JPY 50,000-60,000
 AZ JPY 60,000-70,000
'(w/Straubinger Pads)
JPY 67,000-77,000

We also accept hand polishing / amendment of looseness / re-plating / correction of dents, as options.


How is the most desirable frequency of adjustments ?
If you have any particular concerns, please be sure to order adjustments. Basically, when 6 months passed after purchasing instruments,please order inspection. And when 1 year passed, even if there are no particular concerns, we recommend the second inspection.
And when 1year passed, even if there are no concerns, we recomment the second inspection.
An adjustment every 6 month make your instruments in the best condition.

Do you accept maintenance of flutes of other brands ?
We accept whatever brands in domestic and overseas. Please feel free to contact us.

Do you accept bass flutes, too ?
Of course, yes. We accept all flute ranges from piccolo to contra-bass flutes.

I wish to remove dust, dirt and discoloration in between key mechanism.
Dust can be removed by sweeping with paintbrush. For dirt and discoloration, if they are within the level of not disturbing plays, please order together at the time of replacing or adjustment of pads. Do not rub with cotton bud. The scratches caused by this has to be removed by machine-works and it will be chargeable.

I want to polish my instrument with abrasives.
There is no surprise to think in that way, but the results will differ depending on each person's physical condition.
If sweat and dirt are mixed with abrasives, it sometimes sticks to your instruments and, in the worst case,stops the movement of keys. It also shorten the durability of plating.Please think, it is no wonder that silver discolorates. If you wipe up sweat surely, your instruments gets a color of dignity as time goes by.

Joint is too tight.
When you feel the joint too tight, try to wipe up, with cleaning cloths or a piece of clean cloths, the both surface.
If you still feel it tight, there is one more method to smear candles to the entrance of both jointing part.
Grease is NOT recommendable because it is hard to control if dust easily sticks to it.

May I use key oil on my own ?
It is better not to use key oil on your own, and to have technicians do at the time of adjustment. If you oil recklessly, the oil will penetrate and balancing screws in key mechanism and the felt on the keys will drop off in some cases, If you feel something strange in key movements, please always talk to experts.